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Characteristics and application of irradiation

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Characteristics and application of irradiation

Characteristics and application of irradiation technology
1. Principle of irradiation sterilization
In the process of irradiation, gamma ray penetrates the goods in the irradiation container, acts on microorganisms, directly or indirectly destroys the ribonucleic acid, protein and enzyme of microorganisms, thus killing microorganisms and playing the role of disinfection and sterilization.
2. The principle of irradiation crosslinking
Irradiation crosslinking is a process and result of the formation and accumulation of linear polymer molecules through covalent bonds between macromolecules, which is transformed into three-dimensional network structure with high molecular weight. When the crosslinking degree of the polymer reaches a certain degree, it becomes a gel which is neither melted nor melted.
3. Advantages of drug irradiation sterilization
It is a cold disinfection method, and it is often the best disinfection method for thermosensitive drugs.
Because the gamma ray emitted by cobalt-60 has a strong penetrating power, the treated drug can be pre packed and become a package that can not penetrate bacteria. After radiation disinfection, the secondary pollution of the drug before the final consumer can be effectively avoided.
Irradiation disinfection process can be operated continuously, so large-scale commercial production can be realized.
4. Advantages of irradiation sterilization for medical products
energy conservation.
Sterilization is complete, no pollution. Because gamma ray has a strong penetrating power, it can kill all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms (including viruses) in a certain dose. Therefore, radiation sterilization is a very effective sterilization method.
Radiation sterilization is a "cold disinfection" method, which can be sterilized at room temperature. It is especially suitable for some heat sensitive materials, such as plastic products, nylon, chemical fiber products, biological products, etc.
It can be sterilized after packaging. As long as the packaging materials used are impermeable to bacteria, the sterilized medical supplies can be preserved for a long time.
It has the advantages of fast sterilization, simple operation and continuous operation, which is conducive to the realization of industrial production.
5. Advantages of food irradiation preservation
Low energy consumption.
The application range is wide, which is beneficial to the comprehensive utilization of irradiation equipment. Because of the strong penetration of radiation, it can kill bacteria and pests in large and small packaging, bulk, liquid, solid, dry goods and fresh fruits, especially suitable for some foods that are not suitable for heating, fumigation and wet cooking.
Irradiation processing is a kind of cold processing, which will not increase the internal temperature of food significantly, so it is easy to maintain the flavor and appearance quality of food. For example, the irradiated potato can inhibit germination, plump without wrinkle, good hardness, and no obvious loss of nutrients. Compared with the potato stored in cold storage or chemical storage, it has stronger effect
Competitiveness of food irradiation
Food irradiation is a physical processing process, which does not need to add chemical drugs, has no drug residues, no induced radioactivity, and does not pollute the environment.
Irradiation processing can improve the processing quality of food. For example, irradiated beef is more tender and smooth, irradiated wine can improve aging degree, irradiated soybean is easy to digest and absorb.
Food irradiation can kill Salmonella and parasites and improve the quality of food hygiene. High dose sterilized food is suitable for special needs of hospital patients, astronauts, navigation, mountaineering, exploration and geological teams. Irradiation food can be stored at room temperature for a long time, which is convenient for long-distance transportation and international trade.
Irradiation can be used as a special quarantine measure to prevent the spread of diseases and insect pests.

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