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10 MeV Irradiation Linac

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What is 10MeV accelerator?
The 10 MeV accelerator is a 10 MeV and 10 Ma machine. The main features of this machine are multi cavity 176mhz self excitation generator based on 5 gl-50a transistors. The output pulse power is 6MW (the maximum power can be up to 8mW), triode RF gun, beam extraction system and powerful RF tube pulse power supply.
The accelerating structure is a double period coupled cavity chain, which works in the wave region of N / 2 mode. Multi hole accelerated structural design. The beam of 10 MeV accelerator is in horizontal path. The RF power supply adopts two-stage self-excited oscillator, and the feedback circuit is closed by accelerating the structural unit. The feedback RF power is supplied to the preamplifier stage through the phase center to provide controllable phase shift in the feedback circuit. The last stage of the four triodes is parallel to the accelerating structure. This system does not require precise frequency adjustment of the structure and generator. The 10 MeV accelerator has a triode injector to form the electron beam. In order to reduce the injection angle and beam energy diffusion, a harmonic voltage was added at the cathode grid gap of the injector.
This powerful machine is particularly suitable for disinfection of medical items and purification of hospital waste in sealed recyclable containers. After the radiation treatment these wastescan be processed by well-known technologies。

Sterilization complex

A pharmaceutical company has started using a 2.5 MeV accelerator machine for disinfection. It is mainly used for processing herbal raw materials, with a monthly workload of up to 52 tons. The complex is located in a two-story building. The product package is transported to the irradiation room through a conveyor belt. The moving direction of the conveyor is clockwise and the loading area is on the left. The same design can be used for accelerator based sterilization equipment.

The conveyor types of different radiation equipment are different

The 10 MeV accelerator irradiation facility is equipped with a tray conveying system. The transport system allows grouping of irradiated trays under beam scanning. In order to maximize the beam utilization efficiency to a reasonable realizable present value, the irradiation complex of the accelerator can work with a detachable X-ray converter. X-ray converter function. The conversion efficiency of 9.5 MeV electron beam at 60 ° front angle (to be absorbed) is 8.3% of beam power, while that of 7.5 MeV electron beam is 13.2%. The X-ray energy absorption after treatment affects the design of the product and measurement system, which is usually about 50%.


The new powerful 10MeV accelerator can meet the growing industrial demand for sterilization of medical products and food processing. To develop new industrial technology of radiation pollution of hospital waste. The 10MeV accelerator is now being tested by BINP. In 2011, it will be installed in an irradiation complex, providing accelerator suppliers to industrial research institutions around the world for decades, including radiation complexes for accelerators, delivery systems and integrated control systems.

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