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Turnkey project
From the design of civil engineering and technological process, the supply, installation and commissioning of a complete set of process equipment, to the on-the-job training of operation personnel, the implementation of "turnkey project" can respond to every requirement of users by providing reliable, safe and efficient overall system.
From the technical point of view, the cobalt source project involves the design, development and production of cobalt regulating rod, irradiation of target in pile, design and manufacture of rod bundle and finished product source transport container, design and construction of professional hot chamber, design and development of cobalt-60 prototype source.
We do not fight price war, mainly rely on excellent products, high-quality service, and some technical advantages, such as short supply cycle, more contact with users, etc., to win the market.
We provide services for users, including cobalt source transportation, cobalt source inversion, water quality detection (cobalt source stored in wells, need to detect water quality, radioactive content and other indicators). At the same time, we should also investigate whether users meet the requirements and urge them to improve.
Application of irradiation processing
Irradiation processing is the use of cobalt [60Co] gamma ray and material interaction, to achieve sterilization, inhibition of germination, polymer material modification and other purposes, without adding any chemical substances, heating and pressure. It has the advantages of non-toxic, harmless, no residue, no environmental pollution and other traditional methods. The radiation processing process can be controlled, and the sterilization and modification effects are excellent. Therefore, it has been widely used in many fields of national economic construction, such as food, medicine and health, chemical materials and so on.
Sterilization and disinfection of medical and health products include: irradiation sterilization of infusion device, syringe and needle, blood transfusion device, bandage and dressing, medical gloves, operating clothes, surgical blade, catgut, catheter, sputum suction tube, artificial joint, heart valve, Chinese and Western medicine, nutrition and health care products, cosmetics, tissue, diapers, etc.
Sterilization of food includes irradiation sterilization, preservation, germination inhibition and alcoholization of cooked livestock and poultry meat, preserved fruits and fruits, cakes, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, condiments, pickles and pet feeds.
Radiation chemical material modification: radiation crosslinking, cracking and grafting modification of chemical materials.
Others include: radiation breeding, biological products, fur products, cultural relics specimens, ancient calligraphy and painting.
For example, if the ordinary cable is replaced by the irradiation cross-linked cable treated by electron accelerator, it can become a special cable with high temperature resistance, aging resistance and halogen-free flame retardant performance, and its service life and safety will be greatly improved; the newly produced beverage bottles can be sterilized by irradiation with electron accelerator, which can save a lot of water resources and is safe than the previous use of disinfection water for sterilization and cleaning No residue; some semiconductor chips can also be improved by irradiation; industrial wastewater can be sterilized and pollutants can be decomposed and degraded by irradiation; most agricultural products and meat can be sterilized and kept fresh by irradiation As a cross-sectional technology, the application of nuclear technology is related to nearly one-third of the 43 sub sectors in the manufacturing sector of the national economy. It has been widely used in industry, agriculture, biology, medical and health, food safety, environmental protection, resource exploration and public safety in the international market.
At present, In addition to the very mature and industrialized application of cable materials, relatively mature nuclear technology applications include: heat shrinkable materials, foaming materials, polytetrafluoroethylene ultrafine powder, hydrogel wound dressing, fiber irradiation grafting modification, medical polymers, etc., and also in the aspects of chitosan, wood plastic materials, battery separator, biomedical functional film and so on. A major breakthrough.


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