Welcome irradiation sterilization service center. We specialize in the design, development and production of irradiation sterilization, including particle accelerator devices, cobalt source devices, etc.

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Production, design, sales, installation, service as one of the comprehensive manufacturers. Manufacturers trusted by customers

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Engineering, Procurement and Construction ( EPC) general contracting,hand over the project to the owner after the commissioning is qualified.

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The services provided include radiation engineering design, consulting, construction and cobalt source transportation, cobalt source inversion, water quality testing and cobalt source recovery.

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All products are recognized by radiation organizations. To provide customers with safer, more scientific and more suitable radiation engineering solutions and services.

About us

About us

Turnkey project From the design of civil engineering and technological process, the supply, installation and commissioning of a complete set of process equipment, to the on-the-job training of operation personnel, the implementation of turnkey project can respond to every requirement of users by providing reliable, safe and efficient overall system. From the technical point of view, the cobalt source project involves the design, development and production of cobalt regulating rod, irradiation of target in pile, design and manufacture of rod bundle and finished product source transport containe...

About us

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